CandidCurves.com is intended to present a variety of images and video depicting subjects in public places. Please read the following for details on our intent and your responsibilities as a viewer. On this page, the term ‘viewer’ refers to the sponsor, ‘content’ refers to all photos and videos presented on the website, and ‘CandidCurves.com refers to the website, the webmasters and content creators.

CandidCurves.com does not sell candid pictures or videos. Through the payment system it is possible to become a Sponsor of CandidCurves.com and get free access to a online art photo and video gallery for online viewing only. Funds collected from the Sponsors goes into maintaining the site, design, processing costs etc.

CandidCurves.com contains :

A art gallery of candid shots, done in public settings in every day situations. The subjects of every candid photography and videography on CandidCurves.com is over the age of 18 years old. If this cannot be verified due to the art and nature of candid photography, any photography or videography with subjects which look like they MAY be underage was removed.

No attempt to invade ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’; all content is made in a public setting.

No ‘upskirt’ content, nor any other clothing invasive content.

No sexual activity, nor any sexually suggestive content.

CandidCurves.com intends :

to show the viewer a variety of photos and videos in various settings; showing fashion and actions as in a artful interpretation of such via our photography and videography.
Also to provide an ever growing and changing gallery of original top quality candids.

CandidCurves.com understands :

that any of the subjects in the presented content, despite only being shown as a representation of the female in public, may upon seeing themselves present on the website, wish to have their images removed. CandidCurves.com will remove any content upon request by the subject represented in the content, or her guardian or counsel.

CandidCurves.com viewers must understand :

that it is their responsibility to make sure they are legally allowed to view the content on the website and that CandidCurves.com will take no responsibility for any damages suffered by the viewer.
that they are not to gain access to the website with intent to harm the content creators in any way, including legal action or disruptive mass media exposure.
that all material represented on the website is copyrighted to CandidCurves.com and may not be used in any fashion or form in any other place without prior written consent, including but not limited to, use on other websites or posting to use on net newsgroups etc.